The same question that torments millions of people. Can there still be Pineapple on pizza or not? The developers of this game tried to answer this question. Therefore, now it is possible for you to try to play and find out about it. And yet, can this fruit be a component of the dish?

In general, if we talk about the process, it is worth noting that there will be nothing complicated here. Additionally, you just have to wander around the island watching the life of its inhabitants. Therefore, after walking quite a bit you have already a chance to meet dozens of natives dancing in various styles.

Additionally, at some point you yourself want to join them and just have fun. But the fun can’t last forever. Therefore, if you get bored, it is possible for you to arrange a real disaster with a volcanic eruption. And what about the name of the game? Accordingly, it is necessary for you to reach the very end to find out about it!

Thus, just the same, you are capable of finding out the opinion of the developers about the issue that was raised at the very beginning. Therefore, if you want to know the answer, then you are highly recommended to try and have fun here. Because you are able to relax there.

New Adventures?

It is worth noting that this product was to the taste of quite a large number of people. Even though this adventure was quite short. And in principle, there is not so much interactivity here. There are no dialogues with characters. Therefore, it’s kind of hard to develop a plot.

Nevertheless, many people liked the humor of the developers. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a sequel to Pineapple on pizza has a chance to come out in the future. Or it could be something completely new. Therefore, now the fans may only wait for the release of something sensational and unusual.

There is a possibility that the following works may be with different tasks or quests. Moreover, there may be some kind of interaction with the characters. Thanks to this, the community is capable of growing even more. Therefore, there will be more of them.

Additionally, there is a possibility of being a good motivation for Majorariatto, the development studio. By the way, they also have other entertainment products. So, you are up to checking them out.

Pineapple On Pizza 2