Should Pineapple on pizza be added or not? This question torments quite a lot of people. In principle, in the end, everyone was divided into three camps. The first is the fans of this ingredient, the second is the haters, and the third can be called neutrality.

The developers of this game decided to try to answer the question, and therefore, in order to find out the answer to it, it is necessary for you to play. As a result, a rather interesting process awaits you.

Who Lives Here?

During your little adventure, you are able to meet dozens of dancing natives. It is worth noting that there are no interactions with them. There is a possibility of watching them dance and having fun on their isle.

Furthermore, you are also capable of seeing how they live, as well as just exploring the surroundings of the island. There are a lot of interesting things here. Moreover, it is significant to note that there are quite good views.

Well, when you are tired of these wanderings, then you have the opportunity to sacrifice yourself to the volcano so that it activates. Then the lava will begin to spread rapidly across the island. In this case, it is necessary for everyone to get out as soon as possible. There are canoes on one of the coasts. Therefore, you are able to run here.

Now you have a choice of what to do. Depending on your decision, it is possible for you to get one of two endings: in one you stay on the island, and in the second you escape by canoe. In the end, everything comes to a similar outcome, which gives you the answer to the question that was asked at the very beginning.

Therefore, in principle, this game is up to being called quite interesting and unusual. Just the same, thanks to the last quality, a lot of people liked it so much. Therefore, if you have not tried to spend time here, then you should definitely do it!

Pineapple On Pizza Full Game