What is Pineapple on pizza? This is a short and rather pointless game in which you explore the island. But it is not simple, its inhabitants dance and enjoy life. Don’t have a goal, quests, or opportunities to interact with items or characters?

You have several options. When you get tired of exploring this place, then just jump into the mouth of the volcano. Then an eruption should occur, and the lava is going to destroy everything in its path. You may witness a terrible catastrophe, the cause of which you are. These scenes are violent and terrifying.

However, there is another outcome of events. You, along with some people, are saved on boats. This could be called a happy ending, but before you can sail far from the island, a huge stone falls on you. Unfortunately, everyone must perish, and you cannot help them. But what’s the point?

What did the author mean by this? They say that this game is an accurate description of the taste of the dish. Is it a metaphor that it’s disgusting? Or is there something else here? In any case, this is a rather strange work of media art. Decide for yourself whether it is worth spending your time and effort on it or not.

You are going to play for a maximum of ten minutes, and then, most likely, you will forget about it and find something better. Although you are able to like it with your idea. If you evaluate it philosophically, then perhaps you may consider it a masterpiece.

If you want, recommend it to your friends. Maybe they will find meaning and beauty in it. Graphics and sound are not delightful, so you should not get aesthetic pleasure either.

Pineapple On Pizza All Endings